Maintaining Windows 10 using Windows ICD by David Papkin

This post by David Papkin is about Maintaining Windows 10 using Windows ICD


The Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD) tool streamlines the customizing and provisioning of a Windows image.

You can use Windows ICD to do the following tasks:

  • View all of the configurable settings and policies for a Windows 10 image or provisioning package.
  • Create Windows provisioning answer files.
  • Add third-party drivers, apps, or other assets to an answer file.
  • Create variants and specify the settings that apply to each variant.
  • Build and flash a Windows image.
  • Build a provisioning package.

Windows ICD is primarily designed for use by:

  • OEMs, ODMs, and Makers looking for a simple and streamlined process of creating and deploying a Windows image.
  • System integrators who provision devices based on their customers’ needs.
  • IT departments for business and educational institutions who need to provision bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and business-supplied devices.

This video demo by David Papkin shows how to use Windows ICD

This concludes this post by David Papkin about Maintaining Windows 10 using Windows ICD

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