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This David Papkin page is about the EC Council CASE.NET and CND exams.

ECC CASE.NET Exam info

CASE-.NET Exam Blueprint

ECC CEH v12 Exam info

CEH v12 Exam Blueprint

ECC CEH v11 Exam info

CEH Exam Blueprint

ECC CND Exam Info

CND Exam Blueprint

Practice quizzes.

These quizzes are unofficial quizzes, with no warranty implied or given as to their accuracy nor their inclusion on the official CASE.NET exam.The questions come from mapping the CASE-.NET Exam Blueprint to the Official EC Council material.Suggested usage is to go back to the chapter and read each question’s topic to reinforce. Do NOT guess!

GOOD LUCK *^__^*

CASE.NET prep chapter1

CASE.NET prep chapter2

CASE.NET prep chapter3

CASE.NET prep chapter4

CASE.NET prep chapter5

CASE.NET prep chapter6

CASE.NET prep chapter7

CASE.NET prep chapter8

CASE.NET prep chapter9

CASE.NET prep chapter10

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