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What is Azure SQL?

Features comparison: Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance

T-SQL differences between SQL Server & Azure SQL Managed Instance

What is Azure SQL Managed Instance?

High Availability

Use read-only replicas to offload read-only query workload

Azure Backup for SQL Server

The Azure Backup solution requires an agent to be installed on the virtual machine. The agent then communicates with an Azure service that manages automatic backups of your SQL Server databases.

Azure Backup also provides a central location that you can use to manage and monitor the backups to ensure meeting any specified RPO/RTO metrics.

Best Practices

Performance best practices for SQL Server on Azure VMs

Checklist: Best practices for SQL Server on Azure VMs


Azure SQL Compatibility Levels


Migration overview: SQL Server to Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure Database Migration Service

How to migrate SQL Server databases to Azure using DMS demo

Azure Database Migration Service to SQL M.I. | Data Exposed demo

How to migrate SQL Server to Azure SQL Database offline using Azure Data Studio demo

Database Migration Assistant

Database Experimentation Assistant

What is SQL Data Sync for Azure?

T-SQL differences between SQL Server and Azure SQL Database

Transparent data encryption

Query columns using Always Encrypted with SQL Server Management Studio

Enabling TDE within a Microsoft SQL Server Database

1.Set a master key within the master database using the CREATE MASTER KEY ENCRYPTION command.

2.Create a certificate in the master database, which will be used for the encryption using the CREATE CERTIFICATE command.

3.Create a database encryption key within the database, which allows you to enable TDE with the CREATE DATABASE ENCRYPTION KEY command.

4.Once the encryption key is created, it needs to be enabled using the ALTER DATABASE command.

Scoped Configuration Options


  • Purpose: This statement is used to configure instance-level configuration options that apply to all databases on the SQL Server instance.
  • Scope: It affects the entire SQL Server instance rather than individual databases.
  • Options: It primarily deals with configuration settings that are applicable globally, such as MAXDOP (Maximum Degree of Parallelism), Legacy Cardinality Estimation, and Cost Threshold for Parallelism.
  • Example:sqlCopy codeALTER DATABASE SCOPED CONFIGURATION SET MAXDOP = 4; This example sets the Maximum Degree of Parallelism (MAXDOP) for all databases on the instance.


  • Purpose: This statement is used to configure database-specific options that apply to a particular database.
  • Scope: It affects only the specific database that is being altered.
  • Options: It includes settings that are specific to the behavior and characteristics of the database itself, such as recovery model, compatibility level, auto shrink, and file settings.
  • Example:sqlCopy codeALTER DATABASE [DatabaseName] SET RECOVERY SIMPLE; This example sets the recovery model to SIMPLE for a specific database named DatabaseName.

Key Differences

  1. Scope:
    • ALTER DATABASE SCOPED CONFIGURATION affects the entire SQL Server instance.
    • ALTER DATABASE SET affects only the specified database.
  2. Type of Options:
    • SCOPED CONFIGURATION deals with instance-wide configuration settings.
    • SET deals with database-specific settings.
  3. Examples of Settings:
    • SCOPED CONFIGURATION: MAXDOP, Legacy Cardinality Estimation.
    • SET: Recovery model, compatibility level.

When to Use Each

  • ALTER DATABASE SCOPED CONFIGURATION is typically used when you need to configure instance-level settings that affect the behavior of multiple databases on the SQL Server instance.
  • ALTER DATABASE SET is used when you need to configure specific settings for a particular database, such as recovery model or file settings.

In summary, ALTER DATABASE SCOPED CONFIGURATION is for configuring instance-level options affecting all databases, whereas ALTER DATABASE SET is for configuring database-specific options for individual databases.

Troubleshoot connectivity issues and other errors with Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance

Slow in the Application, Fast in SSMS?
Understanding Performance Mysteries




Applied Skill – Migrate SQL Server workloads to Azure SQL Database

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A collection of Azure Exam Resources

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