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This page by David Papkin contains links about Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure is a collection of services that you can use to build and operate cloud-based applications and IT infrastructure. Azure services are hosted in a global network of data centers that Microsoft technicians manage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer various availability service-level agreement (SLA) for compute services.

Azure services enable you to:

  • Create and operate cloud-based applications by using a wide range of commonly used tools and frameworks.  Host workloads in the cloud on Azure PaaS services and IaaS infrastructure that consists of virtual machines and virtual networks.
  • Integrate cloud-based services with on-premises infrastructure.


To use Azure services, you require a subscription. You can sign up for a subscription as an individual or as an organization and then pay only for the services you use.


Redeem Azure Pass

Azure Free Trial

Licensing Azure for the Enterprise

Pay as you go

Support plans

Download or view your Azure billing invoice and daily usage data

Azure regions

Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints

Introduction to Azure Advisor

Advisor Cost recommendations

Azure Tips and tricks


Get started with Desired State Configuration (DSC) for Linux

Start/Stop VMs during off-hours solution in Azure Automation


Business continuity with data resiliency

What are Availability Zones in Azure?

Azure Availability Zones

Azure Availability Sets

Change the availability set for a Windows VM

Set Azure Resource Manager VM AvailabilitySet

Manage the availability of Windows virtual machines in Azure

Manage the availability of virtual machines

Overview of autoscale with Azure virtual machine scale sets

Create a virtual machine scale set that uses Availability Zones

How to connect to a scale set

Azure Marketplace

Azure Github

Azure Resource Manager vs. classic deployment

Azure Command prompt

Azure Cloud Shell overview

Launch Azure Cloud Shell

How to install Azure CLI

Azure Cross-Platform Command Line Interface


Azure Architectural Pattern – Implementing Master-Slave Model in IaaS

Azure sizing tool

Two tools to help move a virtual or physical workload to Azure

Create and upload a Windows Server VHD to Azure


Developer Guide

Using Swagger in Azure

Azure Service Fabric Demo

Microsoft Service Fabric Getting Started

Diagnostics and logs

Overview on Alerts

Audit and receive notifications about important actions in your Azure subscription

Alerts on activity log

Resource Manager vs Service Manager

Restore a deleted Azure SQL Database

How to Use SSH keys with Windows on Azure

How to visualize your Azure resources

View the topology of an Azure virtual network

How can I map my existing Azure ARM resources visually?

Azure Resource Manager Template Visualisation with ARMVIZ

Identity Management



kubectl Cheat Sheet

Quickstart: Deploy a container instance in Azure using the Azure CLI

Quickstart: Deploy a container instance in Azure using Azure PowerShell

Quickstart: Deploy an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster using the Azure portal

Use Virtual Kubelet with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Tutorial: Create a container image for deployment to Azure Container Instances

Windows Containers on Windows 10

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Kubernetes basics

Intro to Kubernetes


Azure Migrate


Azure Virtual Network frequently asked questions

Step-By-Step: Configuring a site-to-site VPN Gateway between Azure and On-Premise

Configure a VNet-to-VNet VPN gateway connection by using the Azure portal

Add a Site-to-Site connection to a VNet with an existing VPN gateway connection

Create, change, or delete a virtual network

vnet peering

Optimize network throughput for Azure virtual machines

Linux and Windows networking performance enhancements | Accelerated Networking

Network Security Groups

Azure Firewall

Move existing VM to new VNET

VPN Gateways

VPN Gateway Pricing

VNET Peering

Traffic Manager endpoints

Azure Load Balancing Solutions: A guide to help you choose the correct option

Azure Load Balancer new distribution mode


Install Azure PowerShell Module In Windows 10

Quickstart: Create a virtual network using PowerShell

Quickstart: Create a public load balancer using Azure PowerShell

Azure Resource Manager Cmdlets

How to install and configure Azure PowerShell

Azure Powershell – Current Storage Account error when making a new VM

Using Azure PowerShell with Azure Resource Manager

Manage Azure AD using Windows PowerShell

Configuring the Storage Client with Connection Strings

Use the Azure Storage Emulator for Development and Testing

Weekend Scripter: Getting Started with Windows Azure and PowerShell

Installing the Windows Azure AD Module for Windows PowerShell

How to Snapshot and Restore Virtual Machines Running on Windows Azure

Office 365 how to run PowerShell commands on behalf of your customers

Cannot install Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell. MOSSIA is not installed

Error when trying to install Windows Azure Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell

Windows Azure: Virtual Machines & Affinity Groups

Microsoft Azure Web Sites Cheat Sheet

Azure Friday Video series


Step-by-Step: Get Started with Windows Azure Active Directory

Quickstart for PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell


Use Azure Monitor to integrate with SIEM tools

Trusted cloud

Microsoft Privacy Statement

Azure encryption overview

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)


Larger, more powerful Managed Disks for Azure Virtual Machines

Managed disk vs Unmanaged disk

Converting Azure Managed Disks to Unmanaged

Creating And Restoring Azure Virtual Machine Snapshots For UnManaged Disks

About disks storage for Azure Windows VMs

Azure Storage Accounts: How to plan your architecture to speed up blob transfers

Azure Storage replication

Azure Blob Storage Part 7: Snapshots

Understanding Block Blobs, Append Blobs, and Page Blobs


Azure App Service, Virtual Machines, Service Fabric, and Cloud Services comparison

Manage FTP Deployment Credentials

Manage FTP credential using Powershell

AZ100 info

Add users Quickstart

Storage Explorer Quickstart

Azure File Shares Quickstarts

Create a file share in Azure Files

Quickstart: Upload, download, and list blobs with the Azure portal

Back up Azure file shares

Back up a Windows Server or client to Azure

Azure Device Management

AZ103 Info

AZ103 Exam Info

AZ300 info

Respond to events with Azure Monitor Alerts Quickstart

Create, view, and manage activity log alerts using Azure Monitor Quickstart

Export Azure Activity log to storage or Azure Event Hubs

Collect data about Azure Virtual Machines into Log Analytics

View or analyze data collected with Log Analytics log search

Create and share dashboards of Log Analytics data

Log Analytics Querying Demonstration workspace

Azure Migrate

Migration with Azure Migrate Demo

Discover and assess on-premises VMware VMs for migration to Azure

Azure Migrate limitations

Troubleshoot Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate with Hyper-V support Private Preview

Azure Site Recovery

ASR Features

Replicate Hyper-V VMs to Azure

ASR End to End

Replicate Hyper-V VMs to Azure

Configure failback from Azure to on-premises

Event Grid

Azure Event Grid

Understanding Azure Events and Messages: Azure Service Bus, Event Grids, and Event Hubs


Full-stack end-to-end monitoring with Azure Monitor | Azure Friday


Helpful Azure  learning links

Microsoft Azure Forums  The Azure forums are very active. You can search the threads for a
specific area of interest. You can also browse categories like Azure Storage, Pricing
and Billing, Azure Virtual Machines, and Azure Migrate.

Azure Architecture Center  Gain access to the Azure Application Architecture Guide,
Azure Reference Architectures, and the Cloud Design Patterns.

Microsoft Learning Community Blog  Get the latest information the certification
tests and exam study groups.  Channel 9 provides a wealth of informational videos, shows, and

Azure Tuesdays With Corey  Corey Sanders answers your questions about
Microsoft Azure – Virtual Machines, Web Sites, Mobile Services, Dev/Test etc.

Azure Fridays  Join Scott Hanselman as he engages one-on-one with the engineers
who build the services that power Microsoft Azure as they demo capabilities,
answer Scott’s questions, and share their insights.

Microsoft Azure Blog  Keep current on what’s happening in Azure, including what’s
now in preview, generally available, news & updates, and more.

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