Introduction to Microsoft Azure by David Papkin

david papkinThis post by David Papkin Introduction to Microsoft Azure.


Overview of Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure is a collection of services that you can use to build and operate cloud-based
applications and IT infrastructure. Azure services are hosted in a global network of data centers that Microsoft technicians manage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer a 99.95 percent availability service-level agreement (SLA) for compute services.’


The Azure Platform is supported by a growing network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Microsoft has decades of experience running services such as Bing, Office 365, and Azure is available in 140 countries, including China, and supports 10 languages and 24 currencies, all backed by Microsoft’s $15 billion (USD) investment in global datacenter infrastructure. Azure is continuously investing in the latest infrastructure technologies, with a focus on high reliability, operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability, and a trustworthy online experience for customers and partners worldwide.

Overview of Microsoft Azure

Video Demo of Azure interfaces and Powershell

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