Building a Windows 10 Reference Image from Windows ADK by David Papkin

This post by David Papkin is about Building a Windows 10 Reference Image from Windows ADK

Creating a reference image is important because that image serves as the foundation for the devices in your organization.


This image should be pristine, and can be used as a template for deployments. If it is not fresh, you may have varied results during deployment.


The reference image  may be deployed to physical or virtual machine. However, the reference image is created on a virtual platform, before being automatically run through the System Preparation (Sysprep) tool process and captured to a Windows Imaging (WIM) file. The reasons for creating the reference image on a virtual platform are the following:

  • You reduce development time and can use snapshots to test different configurations quickly.
  • You rule out hardware issues. You simply get the best possible image, and if you have a problem, it’s not likely to be hardware related.
  • It ensures that you won’t have unwanted applications that could be installed as part of a driver install but not removed by the Sysprep process.
  • It’s easy to move between lab, test, and production.


This video demo by David Papkin shows how to build a Windows 10 reference image


This concludes This post by David Papkin Building a Windows 10 Reference Image from Windows ADK

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