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This post by David Papkin is about exam info for Microsoft DP-200 exam.

This post is derived from the following link Microsoft Azure certification exams Exam DP-200.

Exam DP-200: Implementing an Azure Data Solution

Skills Measured
Implement non-relational data stores
 implement a solution that uses Cosmos DB, Data Lake Storage Gen2, or Blob storage
 implement data distribution and partitions
 implement a consistency model in CosmosDB
 provision a non-relational data store
 provide access to data to meet security requirements
 implement for high availability, disaster recovery, and global distribution
Implement relational data stores
 configure elastic pools
 configure geo-replication
 provide access to data to meet security requirements
 implement for high availability, disaster recovery, and global distribution
 implement data distribution and partitions for SQL Data Warehouse
 Implement PolyBase
Manage data security
 implement data masking
 encrypt data at rest and in motion
Manage and develop data processing (25-30%)
Develop batch processing solutions
 develop batch processing solutions by using Data Factory and Azure Databricks
 ingest data by using PolyBase
 implement the integration runtime for Data Factory
 create linked services and datasets
 create pipelines and activities
 create and schedule triggers
 implement Azure Databricks clusters, notebooks, jobs, and autoscaling
 ingest data into Azure Databricks
Develop streaming solutions
 configure input and output
 select the appropriate windowing functions
 implement event processing using Stream Analytics
Monitor and optimize data solutions (30-35%)
Monitor data storage
 monitor relational and non-relational data sources
 implement BLOB storage monitoring
 implement Data Lake Store monitoring
 implement SQL Database monitoring
 implement SQL Data Warehouse monitoring
 implement Cosmos DB monitoring
 configure Azure Monitor alerts
 implement auditing by using Azure Log Analytics
Monitor data processing
 design and implement Data Factory monitoring
 monitor Azure Databricks
 monitor HDInsight processing
 monitor stream analytics
Optimize Azure data solutions
 troubleshoot data partitioning bottlenecks
 optimize Data Lake Storage
 optimize Stream Analytics
 optimize SQL Data Warehouse
 optimize SQL Database
 manage data life cycle

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