Earn a Microsoft Applied Skills Credential by David Papkin

This David Papkin post is information about earning a Microsoft Applied Skills Credential.

Why earn a Microsoft Applied Skills credential?

Earning a Microsoft Applied Skills credential demonstrates your proficiency in a specific, scenario-based skill so you can make a bigger impact on every project, at your organization, and in your career.

Getting started with Microsoft Applied Skills credentials

A great place to begin is the credentials overview all of Microsoft credentials. If you already know which credential you want to earn, you can filter and search from the page. To find a complete list of Microsoft’s Applied Skills credentials, visit Browse Credentials.

You can learn more about any Microsoft Applied Skills credential by visiting its details page that describes the skills that will be taught as part of the learning path and measured as part of the assessment lab. On the details page, you’ll also find information about how to prepare for and how to launch the assessment lab.

Prepare for your Microsoft Applied Skills credential

Start by reviewing the credential details page to understand the skills measured by the assessment lab. If you’d like more preparation, the detail pages will include information about free learning resources on Microsoft Learn as well as the availability of instructor-led training.

Getting your results and credentials

For most Applied Skills credentials, you’ll be informed of your results within minutes, but it can take up to 24 hours for results to appear in your Learn profile’s Credentials tab. For more information about Applied Skills results and how to access them, visit Applied Skills scoring and score reports.

Celebrate your success

If you’ve earned a Microsoft Applied Skills credential, congratulations! Employers and colleagues will recognize your achievement when you share it on professional networks or embed it in your email signature or resume. These credentials and skills are verified by Microsoft, thereby offering a signal of trust that organizations can rely on, giving them full confidence in the authenticity and accuracy of your skills.

It’s your time to shine. Learn more about how you can view, use and share certificates and achievements.

This post was derived from the Microsoft page https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/credentials/support/appliedskills-process-overview

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