David Papkin VMware phasing out vCenter Server for Windows

David Papkin post  VMware phasing out vCenter Server for Windows

Say goodbye to the Windows version of vCenter, VMware plans to retire vCenter Server for Windows in favor of the vCenter Server Appliance which is Linux with the next version of vSphere.. David Papkin

Things like this sound good in theory, but often run into difficulties when implemented. For example, retiring the VIC with the html 5 client. There is a loss of functionality initially. The Windows vCenter has the advantage of seamless AD integration, group policy and easy learning curve since is Windows and most admins are familiar with Windows. The vCenter appliance is Linux based which will require additional support. The biggest advantage is no need for Windows license. One might wonder if this is a potshot at Microsoft due to the growing competition from hyper -v?


See this link for the full story.

Please note that vCenter Appliance 6.5 uses VmWare proprietary Photon OS instead of Suse Linux.

Comparison of Widnows vCenter vs vCenter Appliance.






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