Work Folders for Non-Domain joined Devices in Windows 10 by David Papkin

This post by David Papkin is about Work Folders in Windows 10

When a device is not domain joined, a company has limited or no control over it. This is because
authentication occurs locally, and the domain has no knowledge of who is using the device. You cannot use domain accounts to sign in to a device, to manage a device, or to deploy apps. You also cannot apply domain Group Policy to devices that are not domain joined.

Work Folders is a feature in Windows 10 that enables you to access your work files from your personal computer or device. With Work Folders, you can keep copies of your work files on your personal devices and have them automatically synchronized to your company’s datacenter.


This video demo by David Papkin shows using Work Folders with Windows 10


This concludes this post by David Papkin is about Work Folders in Windows 10


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