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Solution architecture: Back up on-premises applications and data to cloud

Backup cloud and on-premises workloads to cloud

Cross-region restore for Azure Virtual Machines using Azure Backup

Configure advanced options for SQL Server managed backup to Microsoft Azure

High Availability

Azure Resliency

Run an N-tier application in multiple Azure regions for high availability

Multitier web application built for high availability and disaster recovery on Azure

Run a web application in multiple Azure regions for high availability

Building solutions for high availability using Availability Zones

Highly available app deployment in App Services Environment

High availability for Azure SQL Database and SQL Managed Instance



Network DMZ between Azure and an on-premises datacenter

Deploy DMZ between Azure and your on-premises datacenter

Application Gateway

Quickstart: Direct web traffic with Azure Application Gateway – Azure portal

Microsoft Learn Labs

Microsoft Learn provides self-paced skills training on a variety of topics. You can also
search for additional content that might be helpful.
  You can search for the following learning activities in Microsoft Learn.

Microsoft Learn – Additional Study Resources

Create Azure users and groups in Azure Active Directory
Manage users and groups in Azure Active Directory
Secure your Azure resources with role-based access control
Secure Azure Active Directory users with Multi-Factor Authentication
Allow users to reset their password with Azure Active Directory self-service
password reset
Secure your application by using OpenID Connect and Azure AD
Governance and Compliance
Analyze costs and create budgets with Azure Cost Management
Predict costs and optimize spending for Azure
Control and organize Azure resources with Azure Resource Manager
Apply and monitor infrastructure standards with Azure Policy
Create custom roles for Azure resources with role-based access control
Manage access to an Azure subscription by using Azure role-based access control
Secure your Azure resources with role-based access control
Azure Administration
Core Cloud Services – Manage services with the Azure portal
Control and organize Azure resources with Azure Resource Manager
Build Azure Resource Manager templates
Automate Azure tasks using scripts with PowerShell
Manage virtual machines with the Azure CLI

Virtual Networking

Networking Fundamentals – Principals
Design an IP addressing schema for your Azure deployment
Secure and isolate access to Azure resources by using network security groups
and service endpoints
Intersite Connectivity
Distribute your services across Azure virtual networks and integrate them by using
virtual network peering
Connect your on-premises network to Azure with VPN Gateway
Connect your on-premises network to the Microsoft global network by using
Network Traffic Management
Manage and control traffic flow in your Azure deployment with routes
Improve application scalability and resiliency by using Azure Load Balancer
Load balance your web service traffic with Application Gateway
Enhance your service availability and data locality by using Azure Traffic Manager

Azure Storage
Create an Azure Storage account
Secure your Azure Storage
Optimize storage performance and costs using Blob storage tiers
Make your application storage highly available with read-access geo-redundant
Copy and move blobs from one container or storage account to another from the
command line and in code
Move large amounts of data to the cloud by using Azure Data Box family
Monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot your Azure storage

Azure Virtual Machines
Build a scalable application with virtual machine scale sets
Deploy Azure virtual machines from VHD templates
Choose the right disk storage for your virtual machine workload
Add and size disks in Azure virtual machines
Protect your virtual machine settings with Azure Automation State Configuration
Serverless Computing
Host a web application with Azure App service
Stage a web app deployment for testing and rollback by using App Service
deployment slots
Scale an App Service web app to efficiently meet demand with App Service scale
up and scale out
Dynamically meet changing web app performance requirements with autoscale
Capture and view page load times in your Azure web app with Application Insights

Run Docker containers with Azure Container Instances
Introduction to the Azure Kubernetes Service
Data Protection
Protect your virtual machines by using Azure Backup
Back up and restore your Azure SQL database
Protect your Azure infrastructure with Azure Site Recovery
Protect your on-premises infrastructure from disasters with Azure Site Recovery
Analyze your Azure infrastructure by using Azure Monitor logs
Improve incident response with alerting on Azure
Monitor the health of your Azure virtual machine by collecting and analyzing diagnostic data
Monitor, diagnose, and troubleshoot your Azure storage


Optional lab exercises

Module 1

Quickstart – Configure a Windows virtual machine in Azure using Chef

How to make ms azure compatible with chef

Do a & b together, is quick easy try at terraform (recommended lab)

a) Quickstart: Configure Terraform using Azure Cloud Shell

b) Create a Linux VM with infrastructure in Azure using Terraform


Configure the Azure Terraform Visual Studio Code extension

Create an Azure VM cluster with Terraform and HCL

Create an Azure virtual machine scale set using Terraform

Module 2

Deploy DMZ between Azure and your on-premises datacenter

Module 5

Tutorial: Create and manage policies to enforce compliance

Quickstart: Define and assign a blueprint in the portal

Module 6

Tutorial: Work with Azure storage queues in .NET

Module 7

Quickstart: Use Azure Storage Explorer to create a blob

Module 8

azcopy login syntax

Note. Use azcopy login –tenant-id  <tenantid> to use the Global Admin acocunt

Tutorial: Migrate on-premises data to cloud storage with AzCopy

Transfer data with AzCopy and Blob storage

Create and configure a self-hosted integration runtime

Module 9

Send Azure Activity log to Log Analytics workspace using Azure portal

Get started with log queries in Azure Monitor

Azure Sentinel. Why should you care-Tips & Tricks


#1 Use Azure portal to back up multiple virtual machines

#2 Configure a Backup for your Azure App Service and Database

You can do the following exercise #3 to have a SQL database for the following exercise #4

#3 Quickstart: Create an Azure SQL Database single database

#4 Back up a SQL Server database in an Azure VM


Quickstart: Create a Front Door for a highly available global web application

Module 12

Quickstart: Explore and analyze costs with cost analysis

Tutorial: Create and manage Azure budgets


Get rid of expired Resource Groups. Create ExpiredOn tag

The Simple way to keep your Azure Subscription “clean”. This run on a schedule and automatically delete all “expired” resources inside your Azure Subscription, and nothing else.

A Resource is “expired” when it has a tag expireOn older then the current date.

How to keep Azure subscriptions clean video



Deploy Spot VMs using the Azure portal

Module 14


ModuleAZ-304 Labs student setup instructions

1) Create NEW email account password Pa55w.rd1234 where xxx = your initials and ddmmyy = starting date of your course


The new Microsoft account is needed for the Azure Pass used for the labs in this course.  You can only use 1 free offer per account so is best to create a NEW account for this course. The use of any other account is not supported for this class.  Appreciate your understanding. Lets have an awesome class!

2) Md C:\Labfiles

3) Download and extract into C:\Labfiles


4 ) Download and install Visual Studio Code  Visual Studio Code

Please Wait for your Instructor before redeeming your Azure Pass!

You MUST be signed out of all other email accounts you are logged into. Using Private browsing will not help.

5) Redeem the Azure pass with the link provided by the instructor

If you were unable to redeem the Azure pass in #5 , you will have to create Azure Free Trial account in #6 which will require a credit card for identity only.

6) Create new Azure account

Links to the labs in HTML format

Helpful Azure  learning links

Microsoft Azure Forums  The Azure forums are very active. You can search the threads for a
specific area of interest. You can also browse categories like Azure Storage, Pricing
and Billing, Azure Virtual Machines, and Azure Migrate.

Azure Architecture Center  Gain access to the Azure Application Architecture Guide,
Azure Reference Architectures, and the Cloud Design Patterns.

Microsoft Learning Community Blog  Get the latest information the certification
tests and exam study groups.  Channel 9 provides a wealth of informational videos, shows, and

Azure Tuesdays With Corey  Corey Sanders answers your questions about
Microsoft Azure – Virtual Machines, Web Sites, Mobile Services, Dev/Test etc.

Azure Fridays  Join Scott Hanselman as he engages one-on-one with the engineers
who build the services that power Microsoft Azure as they demo capabilities,
answer Scott’s questions, and share their insights.

Microsoft Azure Blog  Keep current on what’s happening in Azure, including what’s
now in preview, generally available, news & updates, and more.

Azure Tips & Tricks– – Michael Crump – Special collection of over 260+ tips, videos, conference talks that span the entire universe of the Azure platform.

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