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Publish an app in Power BI


Scatter charts, bubble charts, and dot plot charts in Power BI (tutorial)


Bidirectional cross-filtering for Power BI Desktop whitepaper

Binning and Grouping Data with Power BI


Apply DAX basics in Power BI Desktop

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) Reference


Power BI and Esri ArcGIS


Power BI Top 10 Filters


Power Query M formula language

Data Profiling in Power BI

Real-time streaming in Power BI

Model relationships in Power BI Desktop

Power BI Report Server

Power BI Security


1) Make a new folder C:\Labfiles using

File Explorer or

From Powershell or Cmd prompt

Md C:\Labfiles (command line)

3) Download and extract into C:\Labfiles

DA-100 labs

4 ) Download and install Visual Studio Code  Visual Studio Code. This is used to view the labs.

Q & A


What are some information display types that is useful for BI?


  • Charts – Bar and column, Line and area, Line and column,Ribbon,Scatter and bubble, Funnel, Gauge
  • Maps – Map Chart, Filled Map Chart, Tree Maps
  • Tables


What are some business factors to help decide which information display types?


organizational standards, stakeholder requirements, regulatory standards, compliance standards


Why would you put a QR code in a report?


When a report is shown, the QR code can display the tiles in greater detail

If a dashboard shows some metrics, you can scan the QR code with your phone.


What application can be used to display BI reports on an iOS device , such as a tablet?


Power BI for iOS


What if a organization requires that an iOS tablet be used for reporting?


iOS 9 or later is a requirement for the iOS device.

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