IT Fundamentals Part 2



Classroom Activities (Discussion & Hands-on)

Theoretical Mock Exercises

  1. What are the Troubleshooting Theory Steps?
1. I
2. E
3. T
4. E
5. V
6. D



  1. Why it is important to capture important information and document them during Incident Response? Please explain…






  1. What is Hardware Compatibility issue? Should it be Classified under hardware or software issue? Please explain…







  1. What are the System Tools can be used to troubleshoot System Slowness Issue?












  1. What is Workstation Security Best Practices to mitigate security threats such as inadvertent mistakes, malware, social engineering…etc? List 4


Classroom Activities and Discussion (Part 2)
















  1. What are the five important techniques when moving an equipment such as computer so to avoid safety hazards?


  1. What are the potential safety hazards for (1) CRT monitor (2) Power Supply?
CRT Monitor
Power Supply



Practical Mock Exercises

  • Installing Windows 10 / Windows 8/8.1 / Windows Server 2008 R2 (individual task)
  • Exploring Windows Updates features (individual task)
  • Exploring Firewall features (individual task)
  • Exploring Windows Defender (individual task)
  • Software troubleshooting & problem solving? (individual task)